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HQ8 Replacement Heads | A Brutally Honest Review

Philips Norelco Compatible HQ8 Replacement Heads: A Brutally Honest Review

HQ8 Replacement Heads

How well do Silver Dragon Shave HQ8 Replacement Blades work? Are they a compatible Philips Norelco head replacement? Please rate Silver Dragon Shave HQ8 Replacement Heads.  provided the HQ8 heads -here- and I received them in 2 days with free Prime shipping. Honestly, I must say that I love these HQ8 replacement heads. I was leery of them at first because they were not OEM Norelco HQ8 Replacements, but they worked great. I tried them as soon as I received them and got a close shave. Plus, you can’t beat the price at about half of the name brand. A nice product that works as advertised if you follow the simple lubrication instructions. These rotary shaver shave smooth, produce little or no noise and are very sharp. These HQ8 Compatible Heads have provided a comfortable shave for a few weeks since I received them. These HQ8 Replacement Heads seem quite compatible and they work well, so I rate them a 4.75 out of 5.


HQ8 Reviewed with the Following Equipment:

Review Parameters:

This review was conducted using my beloved Philips Norelco PT724/41 Shaver 3100, purchased as seen here on Amazon. I already owned this economical electric razor so it seemed the perfect platform to review an HQ8 Replacement Head compatible set. The review was conducted at my home, after lubricating the heads with baby oil as directed but without any other preparations. The shave was conducted with my face dry and one-day’s stubble.


From the manufacturer:

An Excerpt from the Manufacturer’s Website:

“Returning your electric shaver to its original smooth shave shouldn’t have to be expensive. Silver Dragon Shave has worked with engineers and manufacturers to produce a universal HQ8 replacement head that provides superior compatibility, economy and a fiercely smooth shave.

The smooth, cool surface of the head is laser-etched with precision to provide a closer, smoother shave without the bothersome vinyl or plastic stickers that tend to bind or fall off other replacement blades.”